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Why I created My Nutrimentals

We’re constantly bombarded with diet and nutrition advice. Most of what we hear is distorted. Its designed to sell you something – a news story, the latest fad diet book or expensive food or supplements.

Marketers know that fear sells. It’s the oldest play in the book. Just take a look at the foods you buy. Many claim to be free of something – GMO’s, antibiotics, growth hormone, artificial ingredients. And, the most popular claims today – organic and plant-based. They all imply that conventional foods are somehow dangerous to your health.

Guess what?

It’s all noise and distraction. And here’s the most important thing for you to know – these free-from products are NOT healthier than conventional foods.

My Nutrimentals is different

I understand that fear motivates us and distorts our thinking about food. The antidote to fear is knowledge. Knowledge that helps you build a safe and healthy diet with everyday foods. And that’s why I created My Nutrimentals. To empower you with knowledge not mislead you with fear.

So, forget the hype. Ignore the celebrities. Welcome to real nutrition knowledge based on real science.

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