Hi, I’m Christine

I’m a nutrition scientist with a passion for helping people live healthier lives. I believe that we should all have access to nutrition information that is useful and sound. There’s so much hype out there its no wonder health-conscious people are confused. My mission is to use my knowledge to help people cut through the confusion and enjoy truly healthy diets.

My academic training is broad starting with an undergraduate science degree (premed and public health), followed by a masters’ degree in health psychology, a doctorate in biobehavioral health and a post-doctoral fellowship in nutrition. I taught courses in nutrition and directed a research lab at the State University of New York for 6 years before leaving academia to join the food industry. I spent 12 years working in research and development for two multinational companies – one that manufactured food ingredients (Ingredion Inc.) and the other, packaged foods and snacks (Campbell Soup Co.). Now I teach undergraduate nutrition courses at the Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine campus, Media, PA).

My knowledge base is unique because I understand more than just science – I also understand psychology and I know how food is made and marketed. And I’m a skilled communicator with the ability to translate nutrition science into useful, consumer-friendly information.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you – in a way that empowers you and makes a real difference in your life.