What our clients say

Viktor says . . .

“The results were very impactful”

“I wanted to know if I was eating a healthy diet but was also a little hesitant as I was afraid of what I might find out! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my diet wasn’t so bad after all and that I could add more food.

Since my quick sessions, I’ve started new habits. I didn’t have much variety in my diet. It wasn’t that I didn’t like other foods but I didn’t really pay attention either. I learned about the foods I could add and was excited to start adding these to my grocery list.

Christine was a great coach. She taught me how to go beyond the food label and take a more in depth look at my nutrition. She patiently educated me and I now know what I need. She showed me the numbers and the results were very impactful. I learned how to focus on the important things in my diet and it gave me confidence knowing that the changes I make will improve my nutrition and likely give me even more energy. For that I am eternally grateful – Thanks Christine!!”

Sheri says . . .

“I’m not afraid of carbs anymore”

“I was avoiding certain foods, thinking they were bad for me. Like carbs. I thought I had to do a high protein diet and eliminate carbs – thinking they they were fattening. I guess a lot of people think that way. But after doing the My Nutrimentals program I’m not afraid of carbs anymore. I learned about the fiber and nutrients that I was missing without them.

So, now I am adding grains back to my diet. I’m eating cereal again. And I learned about legumes. I just made a delicious, healthy chickpea salad! Plus, I thought orange juice was just a bunch of sugar, but now I know it has the nutrients that I need to have a healthy diet. I bought the fortified type that has Calcium and Vitamin D. I also purchased cut up fruit to have for dessert because it helps satisfy my sweet tooth.

I’m so glad I did the My Nutrimentals program and learned about nutrients. Having a healthy diet is important to me but I had no idea that by avoiding certain things I was actually cutting out important nutrients!”

Jennifer says . . .

“My Nutrimentals helped me take my diet to the next level”

“Like many people, maintaining a healthy weight is important to me. I have tried several programs over the years, all focused on calories, which led me to avoid some foods without giving much thought to the nutrients I was eliminating.

MyNutrimentals was a real eye-opener for me! Christine gave me a more holistic way to view my diet. She taught me about nutrients and what foods I might add back to make my diet better. I learned that in cutting both milk and OJ from my diet, I was doing myself a big disservice! I need these nutrients like calcium, Vitamin C and potassium to help me stay strong as I get older. Plus, I really missed drinking them. Making these small changes also keeps me feeling fuller longer.

I also loved that the My Nutrimental’s process was short. It was not a long, drawn out program. I tracked for a few days and then Christine provided a very comprehensive and easy to understand report, making it possible to take my diet to the next level in just a few simple steps. I cannot recommend this program more if you are tired of fad diets and counting calories. I feel good knowing my new choices are based in science and fact.”